About Irena Daywood

Hi, I’m Irena Daywood (that’s my pen name).

I write clean, wholesome, and hope-filled speculative fiction. It will take you through imaginary realms where characters find adventures, hope, and awesome scenery. The stories will explore themes like faith, freedom, and finding one’s calling.

When I’m not writing, I might be hiking somewhere in the western USA, where I sometimes get inspiration from the landscapes and the sky.

I love chocolate, strawberries, and a good cup of tea.

I write under a pen name because there are several other writers with my real name. If I used it, you might have trouble finding me among all the other people with that name on the internet. Besides, it’s fun to have an alter ego.

I also enjoy art and photography. You’ll find some of my visual work on this site, too. I love mountains, flowers, and clouds.

Hope you enjoy visiting my site!

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